About Us

Lip Balm Etc. was started by two childhood friends who met in Boy Scouts. 

When one of them married a widow who had inherited a small factory in Southern California that manufactured soap, shampoo and lip balm, he had a choice to make: close it down and put a dozen or so dedicated, long-time employees out of work, or keep it going despite having a full-time job elsewhere.

He decided to keep it going. 

Then he called his friend and asked for help. But this friend was a bit more health-conscious (thanks to his wife who is a cancer survivor) and felt the factory’s existing, 40-year-old formulas needed updating based on what we now know about just how harmful chemical toxins are to people and the planet.

So while the factory continued to serve its existing clients, they began testing formulas that eliminated toxins, skin irritants and nut allergens.

The result is a new spinoff company that offers only chemical-free, people-safe and planet-safe products, all while out-performing the original formulas and adding a level of luxury that can only be achieved through natural formulations.

And this is our first product. We’re proud to offer what our wives and kids and brothers and sisters and friends feel is the finest lip balm on the planet.

But we also kept in mind the fact that you’re trying to run a business, so we’ve priced it about the same (or cheaper!) as the cheap, toxic junk that many other factories still produce.

Our thinking is that more businesses, for roughly the same budget, will be able to step up to a premium product that’s better for humans and better for the planet. We think that’s a win for us all.