The First Secret the Ad Pros Know

When people look for a business to hire, they look for the best one they can find. But when everyone in town has the latest technology and a friendly staff and an espresso machine, how do you convince people you’re better? Here’s the secret that ad pros and all smart marketers know: Everything you do says something about your brand, good or bad. 

When you give away cheap, crappy lip balm, you’re telling everyone who uses it that you’re a cheap, crappy company. Imagine someone gets cheap lip balm with your name on it and that’s their only impression of you. If you want the world to think you’re the best, you have to give away the best. Lip Balm Etc. has a way to do that while still fitting nicely within your current budget.

The Second Secret the Ad Pros Know

You may know that a key to retaining clients is by building a relationship. But there’s something the pros know about building relationships that makes their marketing so powerful: Relationships are based on shared values. Think about it. Your closest friends treat other people the same way you do. They appreciate hard work. Honesty. Integrity.

Being friendly and courteous to people while they’re in front of you is easy. But how do you continually communicate your values even when they’re not in front of you or in the case of someone you’ve never met? Lip Balm Etc. lip balm to the rescue.

Lip Balm Etc.’s exclusive, unique formulation communicates so many things. For starters, the best lip balms are made with beeswax. Our beeswax is 100% pure with no added fragrances or other potential skin allergens. So right away, the feel of beeswax says you care about quality and have high standards.

The second thing a quality lip balm contains is a sunscreen (SPF) to provide protection from the sun. And this is where Lip Balm Etc. lip balm really starts setting you apart.

Most sunscreens are made with oxybenzone and octinoxate. Those chemicals are so toxic and harmful to wildlife that they’ve been banned by the state of Hawaii. They destroy coral reef and cause deformities in fish. Instead, Lip Balm Etc. lip balm uses a completely natural sunscreen. Giving out Lip Balm Etc. reef-safe and groundwater-safe lip balm tells people you care about our environment. 

Lip Balm Etc. lip balm is also formulated with no toxins, no parabens, no skin allergens (like Vitamin E and fragrances), no nut oils/nut allergens...basically, no junk. By giving your clients and potential clients Lip Balm Etc. lip balm, you’re telling them you value their health.

The Super Ingredient You Won’t Find in your Current Lip Balm, Guaranteed

It’s spelled bakuchiol. It’s pronounced buh-koo-chee-all. And it’s the Fountain of Youth for lips.

Bakuchiol is a natural retinol, and is found only in the very highest-end lip balms. But we included it because we’re serious when we say we pulled out all the stops to provide you a lip balm that will truly set you apart.

Why We’re Pricing this Far Below What We Should

We formulated this to be the finest lip balm you can buy. People love it. But we decided to price it about the same (or even lower!) as the ordinary lip balms out there.

Why are we willing to make less profit? Because we know you’re trying to run a business and we want to make it easy for you to up your lip balm game without having to up your lip balm budget.

We also happen to think that the more people we can get to use the good stuff, the better off the people and the planet will be.

Value On Top of Value

1. You get a people-safe, planet-safe lip balm that will communicate the fact that you are a premium business, for about the same price as the cheap stuff. (Helps gain and retain clients)

2. Free professional label design with your existing logo and company contact info and your choice of color. ($150 value)

3. No artwork setup fees ever! ($100 value)

4. Take an incredible 30% off your first order! Order 1,000. Order 50,000. Remember, this is a one-time offer, so take advantage of it! ($10,000 value or more depending on how much you order)

Even More Value: a Free Table Tent that Explains to Your Clients How Much You Value Them ($25 value)

You don’t have time to explain to every client who comes into your office why Lip Balm Etc. is so much better than what the competitor down the street gives out.

So we’re including a free table tent that explains just how considerate you are and how much you value your clients by giving them this premium, non-toxic, non-allergen, non-planet-poisoning lip balm.

This table tent is free with your first order and if you ever need any more, just say the word and we’ll get another one right out to you.

That Adds up to Freebies of Around $10,275 or Even More on Your First Order!

(Depending on the size of your first order.) We’re making it as easy as we can for you to gain and retain clients with our premium lip balm.

Ready to Gain an Edge Over the Competition? Click, Order and Start Standing Out

Stand out from the sea of sameness. Let people know you’re a best-in-class operation before you even meet them. 

• You’ll tell your clients you share their values since it’s people-safe, reef-safe, groundwater safe, animal-safe and planet-safe.

• You’ll tell your clients you care about them since it’s 100% natural, non-toxic and nut allergen-free.

• You’ll get ultra-premium lip balm at an exceptionally competitive price.

• You’ll get free professional label design.

• You’ll get free artwork setup that most others charge up to $100 for.

• You’ll get an incredible 30% off your first order. Make it count!

• And we’ve removed all the risk with our money-back guarantee. So place your first order now.

Who’s Behind Lip Balm Etc.?

Lip Balm Etc. was started by two childhood friends who met in Boy Scouts. 

When one of them inherited a small factory in Southern California that manufactured soap, shampoo and lip balm, he had a choice to make: close it down and put a dozen or so dedicated, long-time employees out of work, or keep it going despite having a full-time job elsewhere.